Executive-Organization Development Program

Eight Weeks Certificate Course

Effective Organization and Development Program

An institutional effort has three bases; it is education oriented, profit oriented, and welfare oriented. Efforts based on learning motive give shape to schools, collages, and universities, efforts based on profit motive materialize commercial centers, firms, and business associations, and efforts based on welfare motive actualize hospitals, orphan houses, and trusts & foundations of varied types. Executives and organizational structure is inevitable for all type of entrepreneurial/institutional efforts. WISE has an Executive - Organization development program for all types of institutions.

The Executive-Organization Development Program is designed for individuals having decisional power in making, shaping, developing, and closing of an institution. The full training program has total 16 Brainstorming Sessions. The program enhances Entrepreneurial / Managerial skills of participants.

The major issues of learning program are: - Micro-Management Vs Quality Management, Negative Mindset Vs Positive Mindset, Competitive Environment Vs Cooperative Environment, Short-Run Analysis Vs Long-Run Analysis, Opportunities Vs Threats, Strengths Vs Weaknesses, Structural Analysis Vs Operational Analysis, and so on and so forth.