Educator Training Programs

One Month Program - Two Sessions in a Week

Educator Training Programs

Teaching is dominantly a knowledge-driven activity. Educational Institutions are opened to impart knowledge to knowledge-seekers. Teachers/Educators play an important role during knowledge dissemination, so that it is essential to appoint skilled educators for better educational outcome. WISE developed an educator training program to produce efficient-effective teachers for knowledge-seekers.

The complete training program consists of 8 Brainstorming Sessions/ Seminars. The major topics of program are: - Philosophy of Education, Values Based Education, Vision & Education, Effective Knowledge Management, Quality Management of Educational Institutions, Effective Class Management, Excellent Student and Effective Teacher.

Who Should Attend?

Educational Entrepreneurs, Executives, Principals, Vice-Principals, Teachers, Students, and anyone who wants to understand ins and outs of learning phenomena or who has intention to establish an educational institution.