Innovation Skill Enhancement Program

One Day Seminar on Multiple Innovation Skills

Innovation Skill Enhancement Program

Dynamism is essential phenomena of life. It exists at all levels of life, an individual is inclined towards change due to continuous inner demand for change, institution has tendency of change due to interactive phenomena, society has propensity towards change due to evolving nature of society, and cosmic economy, too, is continuously changing due to Divine Impulse towards change. Innovations or something anew is, thus, required at countless occasions / levels of life struggle. Innovations provide survival support, growth impetus, and sustainable vigor to individuals or institutions or society.

Innovative skills or skills causing innovations are upshot of creativity, while a creative activity is outcome of multiple intelligences. WISE developed some independent Brainstorming Sessions to improve intelligence, creativity, and innovative skills.

Seminars or Sessions are useful for all types of knowledge workers / entrepreneurs. The major topics of seminars are: -

  • Effective Entrepreneurship, Effective Planning, Time Management, Effective Communication, Effective Negotiation, & Quality Management, – Performance Skills.
  • Success Analysis, Faith Analysis, Managerial Stability, Anger-Affection Management, Gratitude, Humility, Courage, Enthusiasm, & Moral – Motivational Skills
  • Mindset, Multiple Intelligences, & Knowledge Management – Cognitive Skills