Effective Social Interactions

(One-To-One Brainstorming Sessions on Multiple Social Problems)

Successful life is based on multiple skills such as Vocational Skills, Business Skills, and Social Skills. The area of social skills is least discussed or rarely offered by training centers, although an improved level of social skills promotes better understanding of persons/situations and makes someone effective towards multiple professional, economic, and social responsibilities.

WISE developed some Brainstorming Sessions to improve social effectiveness during manifold social interactions, it is one-to-one learning program. Sessions are designed to enhance social effectiveness of individuals, both man as well as woman. The very basis of social effectiveness is social intelligence; it is ability to understand/respond to someone/something, wisely. The program enhances the social intelligence of participants for better social interactions. The major areas of programme are: –

Self-Confidence / High MoraleFamily Life
Mindset Analysis/Behaviour AnalysisSocial Ties
Time ManagementSocial Etiquettes
Effective Personal BudgetingFaith Analysis
Anger-Affection ManagementStability
Effective CommunicationSocial Responsibility